NDIS Information

e.motion21 is a registered NDIS provider to provide supports in the following categories:

  • Group-based centre activities
  • Life skills development
  • Community Participation
  • Therapeutic Supports
  • Exercise Physiologist, Personal Training
  • Innovative Community Participation

Under the auspice of e.motion21, the Impact21 program can support you to:

  • learn and hone life skills pertinent to the workplace
  • become more independent
  • access therapy services
  • strengthen relationships
  • be an active community member
  • gain work experience and employment
How Impact21 interacts with the NDIS

If you are eligible for the NDIS, you will receive funding via a personal care plan so that you can purchase the supports - services and any aids and equipment - you have been assessed as needing in order to achieve your life goals as articulated in your plan.  Once your supports have been discussed and a plan has been issued by your NDIA planner, you can choose providers, such as e.motion21/Impact21, to deliver one or more of your supports.

It is your choice how you manage your NDIS funds.  You may wish the NDIA – the agency established to administer the NDIS – to manage the funding for you, or, alternatively, you may wish to either self-manage your own funds, in which case you would pay for your supports and then make claims to the NDIA or have a financial intermediary do this for you.

Yes, though this agreement will be with e.motion21 as Impact21 is a program of e.motion21.  One of the requirements of the NDIS is that service providers have a Service Agreement with each person accessing their service.  The Service Agreement is a description of what services e.motion21 will provide via its Impact21 program, the cost of these services (in line with NDIS price controls), where these services will be provided and what assistance is needed to make it the best possible experience for each individual.  The agreement is reviewed annually with the participant and key Impact21 personnel.

The fee is set by the NDIA. e.motion21 do not charge any more than the set fee for classes. The fee set by the NDIA varies according to variances in support line codes, i.e. ‘activities in a centre’, 1:2 ratio for group activities, and/or what day and time you receive the service i.e. weekdays, weekday evening and Saturday.  The NDIA review their prices towards the end of each Financial Year.  e.motion21 only changes its prices in accord with NDIA changes to the NDIS price for supports.

All costs associated with the Impact21 program will be itemised according to NDIS price controls and delineated in your individual Service Agreement upon engagement of the service.

All NDIS participant plans are individualised with the aim of providing reasonable and necessary supports.  Your NDIA planner will work with you to determine the level of your supports; e.motion21 cannot influence or make decisions regarding these matters.

If you require further information or support about our services to take to your planning meeting, please contact the e.motion21 office on 9854 7100.