Introducing the Impact21 Pilot

The Impact21 Pilot is a 12 month intensive work readiness program for 12 lucky individuals that is designed to help them gain employment in meaningful, sustainable jobs with national employers who are committed to workplace diversity and inclusion.

The Pilot involves a structured, co-designed curriculum that reflects the input, insights and experiences of young people living with Down syndrome (and their families and carers), selected national employers, universities and research institutions and disability support providers, all of whom are focused on developing the work and diversity readiness of Pilot participants and employers.

Organisations involved in the Impact21 Pilot

  • Lead Impact21 Pilot coordinator: e.motion21, Inc
  • Expected Impact21 Employers: DuluxGroup, PwC Australia, Sodexo, Deakin University
  • Expected Disability Employment Provider: CVGT Australia
  • Expected research support: Torrens University Australia, RMIT, Deakin University

Impact21 Pilot at a glance

  • Commences February 2019; concludes February 2020
  • Enrolment opportunity for 12 young adults (20-45 years) who are living with Down syndrome*
  • Contact hours are three days per week, broadly reflecting normal working hours and the University trimester calendar (some exceptions)
  • Based out of Torrens University Australia’s Melbourne CBD facility (196 Flinders Street) Map

* To see if you’re eligible to apply, please click here